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A "Lead generator" for Realtors that sends random names of people who don't want to buy/sell real estate to several Realtors at a over a long period of time. Rip Off. Stale Non-Leads. Won't stop service and keeps on Billing even when the agree to stop.

Have a slick sales pitch, "nice talkers" on phone making false claims and promises they don't keep. They present no information on where they get names other than our various web sites.

Not one person was slightly interested in real estate and most were angry about all the telephone calls they were getting from Realtors.

Review about: Lead Genorator.



The above is totally true.They also charge you for bougs leads which they promise they'll replace (thats their guarantee pick up line) but THEY DONT!

They also dont take no for an answer when you want to cancel services. They dont listen or care if youre not satisfied.

they charge you anyway and then charge you again!They say their is a 30 notice of cancellation requirement, but dont mention that they'll still charge you for bogus leads during that 30 days


Reply Real Esate is undoubtedly among the lowest *** of American companies.Their gimmick is to "wow" you on the phone and have you make an immediate emotional decision to purchase leads and participate in their worthless leads program.

If you get a call from them, regardless of what they promise, STAY AWAY.

The Sales Reps are trained to Dazzle you on the phone, then RUSH you through their "verification" process, so you agree to everything without really understanding the details.

STAY AWAY, and if you have friends in Real Estate, send a global email warning them all of the evils of


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